Mini Update

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Hey friends. I just wanted to update this blog with what I’ve been working on for the past few months since I haven’t posted in a while. I took every opportunity to see friends and family once restrictions here in Ontario started getting lifted so that is partially why the site hasn’t gotten my full…

Free Animated GBA Stream Overlay

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Here comes another animated stream overlay custom designed for one particular handheld. This time I’m giving you my take on the Game Boy Advance. I may be back with some alternate versions for this one. I started this out based on a request for this particular colour from a user on reddit, but since I…

Free Duct Tape Webcam Frame For Stream Overlays

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More free stream assets! Yay! Take a look at my lovely new duct tape webcam frame (in PNG format). I designed this to go with the Game Boy Color inspired free animated overlay I released here on the Blog last week. I have yet to use it on my stream, but I have tested it.…

Free Animated Game Boy Color Stream Overlay

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Presenting my new stream overlay (completely free of charge) the Stream Boy Color. This one is inspired by the classic translucent purple Game Boy Color, but one that’s been put through its paces. It has a dusty and dirty screen with a few cracks in it, a dying battery, and it may have a few…

New Free Stream Overlays Inspired by Repo Man

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It’s time for some new stream overlays friends! This time they are inspired by the 1984 film Repo Man starring Emilio Estevez, the mighty duck man, I swear to god! Emiliooo Emilioestevez GIF from Emiliooo GIFs One of the most charming things about the film, aside from Harry Dean Stanton, is the packaging of the…

Awesome YouTube Channels Every DIY Filmmaker Will Love

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I spend a lot of time watching tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos, and vlogs from filmmakers. That means I’m an expert. A YoutTube Expert. Like, a YouTube watching expert, not Destin from Smarter Every Day. Anyways, it is my duty as an expert to share with you some of my favourites so that I can justify my…