Free Animated GBA Stream Overlay

Here comes another animated stream overlay custom designed for one particular handheld. This time I’m giving you my take on the Game Boy Advance. I may be back with some alternate versions for this one. I started this out based on a request for this particular colour from a user on reddit, but since I have less nostalgia around this one I’m feeling like doing a palette swap and maybe even a redesign based on the Gameboy Advance SP. Check back regularly so you don’t miss any of those. You can download the WEBM file below and pop it right into OBS (don’t forget to set it to loop). Enjoy your free Game Boy Advance Stream Overlay.

I’ve got a cool Game Boy Color overlay and a bunch of other stuff you can download for free right here on the blog as well. As always you are free to use and remix these overlays however you wish and all I ask is that you let me know where I can tune in to see them in use. Hit me up on one of these platforms.

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