Free Animated Game Boy Color Stream Overlay

Presenting my new stream overlay (completely free of charge) the Stream Boy Color. This one is inspired by the classic translucent purple Game Boy Color, but one that’s been put through its paces. It has a dusty and dirty screen with a few cracks in it, a dying battery, and it may have a few problems with the wiring. But don’t let a little jolt of electricity scare you off. The download is available below, and I’ve included this free font in the zip along with an animated alert box you can put under your screen to make it look like your alerts are happening inside of the games you are playing. I’ve attached a little video sample below so you can see how it all works together.

I added the “Wild [name] appeared” follower alert using stream elements or SLOBS. I’m working on a stream setup tutorial for my YouTube channel which will be coming soon so stay tuned. For now, download the file using the button below and ENJOY!

If you run into any trouble setting it up, just DM or @ me on Twitter or FB and I can give you a hand.

Twitch: @VillainTrahan
YouTube: DylanTrahan
Twitter: @DylanTrahan
Facebook: @DylanCTrahan

Download On Google Drive