Stream Like a Professional

If you are like me, then when you go live you want everything to be perfect. Slick overlays, fun intro videos, and slick animated transitions from scene to scene all show that you aren't just messing around. With my years of experience streaming, designing wicked assets for streams, and my...

  A   E   S   T   H   E   T   I   C 

sensibilities, I can help your stream stand out.

A screenshot of a Game Boy inspired stream overlay

Free Stream Assets

The best things in life are free, or so they say. One thing is for sure though, the cheapest things in life are free! Some of these things I am giving away because I couldn't legally sell them even if I wanted to, and others I am giving away out of the goodness of my heart. Either way, you win. If you like them make sure to follow me on social so you never miss a new drop. All of the free stuff is hosted over on my blog. I've even made your life easier and dropped a link below to just the free stuff! Enjoy!

Actual Play Intros

I work very closely with Wicked Studios LLC to create streaming assets for their actual play live streams. These are just a few of my favourite intros I have created in a few different styles.