Free No Name Brand Inspired Live Stream Overlay

Yo chat, which oranges should I pick?

Introducing my No Name overlay. The iconic No Name brand has really planted their flag in the yellow and black colour palette (colour with a U baby, cause we’re Canadian). I’ve taken that and turned it into an overlay you can use to underwhelm your friends and followers. They are also known for their dry wit and silly social media. I’ve infused a bit of that humor into these for you. If you don’t follow them check them out over on Twitter @NoNameBrands, they may be a bit of a one-trick pony but if your pony has one trick that is REALLY funny every time… You let it slide!

In honor of them I have made this silly satirical No Name overlay which you are free to use without attribution. These are PNGs with transparency so go ahead and put them right into OBS. Hopefully giving them away for free means no one will come after me with a cease and desist. This is all done with love and admiration.

Check in again next week for my overlays inspired by the generic brand food items from the movie Repo Man. Hit me up on social if you have a favourite generic brand you’d like me to create an overlay for in this free generic overlay series and I’ll add it to the list.

The Goods

Download this PNG and toss it into OBS
Another Overlay For Any Podcasting or Actual Play folks

Stay Tuned for more of these free overlays. If you like the no name overlay you might like the really basic overlays I’ve posted. Check those out here, they are also totally free to use! And if you are looking for someone to help you get your stream set up with some custom overlays, alerts, intros, outros, and anything else under the sun, just drop me a line here or on social (links below).

Let me know if you’re using any of my free assets so I can tune in and watch, chat or lurk your stream! You can reach me on:

Twitch: @VillainTrahan
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