Completely Free Generic Stream Overlay That You Can Use, Remix, & Make Your Own

So you’re just getting started streaming and you don’t have Photoshop? You do still need a stream overlay so that people will take you seriously though right? Sure there are plenty of free stream overlays online, but they all look like some sort of synthwave wet-dream. Why hasn’t anyone created a free stream overlay that has no style whatsoever? Lucky for you I’ve done just that! Here’s the first drop in my Generic Streamer Assets series at the low low cost of nothing at all.

Stupid Sexy Flanders GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
I know it’s not relevant, but I couldn’t stop thinking of it.

It is my promise to you that every single one of the assets I release in this series will be completely free of charge. Some other assets you can look forward to are:

  • animated transitions
  • generic starting soon screen
  • generic be right back screen
  • and even a generic stream intro.
Nightmares! I choose you!

Why So Bland?

These stream overlays are my take on the Generic Brands you see at the supermarket. No frills, just frames. I’m working on a version of this overlay based on Canada’s iconic No Name brand. Plus I’ve got one coming based on the beautifully simplistic packaging from the 1980s movie Repo Man. I’ve also got a dark mode version of this particular overlay coming later this week! so stay tuned to my blog so you catch them when they drop.

Human name not included.

Download Them Here

You are free to use this, and modify it to your hearts content with no need for attribution. All I ask is that you hit me up either here on the site or on social media and let me know where I can watch your stream. If there is enough interest I can also put together an editable PSD document that people can use to take the work I’ve done and iterate upon it. Thanks for visiting and consider heading over to my Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook pages so you never miss any of my free goodies.

Ready to Upgrade?

When you are ready to level up your stream with fully custom stream overlays and assets you can contact me right here on the website to get a quote on any custom work you have in mind.