Happy Monday! Announcing My New Weekly Twitch Stream!

That’s right! Event viewing is back baby! Well… admittedly it’s been back for quite a while. But now I’m doing a thing. I’ve dabbled in streaming in the past, and of course, if you follow me on my other social channels you are probably already aware that I am one of the players in a weekly actual play stream over on the Wicked Studios LLC twitch channel. (Wednesday 9 pm ET) This is different though, I’m streaming all by myself every Saturday Morning at 9 am ET on my own channel (@VillainTrahan).

I did an under-the-radar test stream last week (see above) but this week I’m going live again with more polish (like shininess, not the nationality). I will still be playing Breathedge so you can catch up on what you’ve missed over on Twitch if you so wish! The aesthetic of this new stream is very Cartoon-inspired. Think Cartoon Network, Family Channel, or YTV in the 90s, and you’ve more or less got the idea. So come have some fun with me while I try to survive the vacuum of space but in a fun cartoony way.

If you don’t want to miss it you can head over to twitch now and follow me so you get notified when I go live. Once again that is 9 am EST this Saturday. I look forward to hanging out with you on stream!